Producer of a HUGE tween YouTube channel was arrested for molesting a minor

3 October 2018, 16:05

Ian Rylett
Picture: Orange County Mugshot

By Chandni Sembhi

Ian Rylett wants to return to the UK following accusations of molesting a teenage actress.

YouTube video producer, Ian Rylett, 55, who produced 'SevenSuperGirls' and 'SevenAwesomeKids' amongst many 'SevenAwesome...' channels since 2008, has been arrested for molesting a 15-year-old actress. He has plead 'not guilty' to lewd and lascivious molestation. He is now facing a maximum of 15-years in prison alongside an order preventing contact with anyone under the age of 18 and wants to return to his home in the UK as he awaits his trial in December.

ClickOrlando reports that, according to an arrest warrant, Rylett has been accused of asking a 15-year-old, who is part of the 'SevenSuperGirls' channel, to undress in front of him, as well as reportedly touching her breasts. According to prosecutors, Rylett asked the girl and her mother to sign a contract that obligated the teen to "remove any items of clothing as directed by management."

According to the report from ClickOrlando, the alleged attack took place before a meet-up event in August with 'Seven Super Girls' at Lake Buena Vista Hilton. Rylett is accused of asking the teenager to take off her top so they could practice wrapping her chest with an elastic bandage to make her chest smaller to appear younger. Initially, the girl refused, but complied when Rylett said he would remove it by force if she didn't. He is accused of repeatedly groping the girl and pulling her underwear down when she refused to change into a bikini, according to the arrest warrant.

The SevenSuperGirls YouTube Channel
Picture: SevenSuperGirls via YouTube

After the allegation was made, other members of the SevenAwesomeKids brands have come forward saying Rylett had also made them feel uncomfortable on occasion. Two of these teenagers have told BuzzFeed News that Rylett pressured them into wearing smaller swimsuits on camera, and asked for photos in them from all angles for "sponsor approval". They allege that he made jokes about 'wardrobe malfunctions', and that they thought he was creepy but never expected him to act on it. One girl said she was under pressure to make herself look younger.

Three former SevenAwesomeKids members also told BuzzFeed News that concerns were raised about SevenAwesomeKids in 2017. Popular comedian, Daniel Tosh, spoke about how the channel has over 12 billion views, suggesting a portion of these came from child molesters. They then thought that they might be being groomed for a malicious audience. One noted things like the leotards, themes, and camera angles started to feel suspicious when you consider how some of the girls involved are just 9 years old.

Despite the charges, the channels are still active on YouTube and will not be removed, although they have been demonetised.