YouTube Red Is DESTROYING The App Store

3 December 2015, 10:09 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Hold onto your bank card, YouTube Red is coming in fast.

As a (hopefully) longtime reader of the site and an avid YouTube consumer like everyone here at Unicorns HQ, it will come as no great surprise to you that YouTube Red is starting to become more of an overnight success than first anticipated.

Whilst the YouTube iOS app has been out for donkeys years, the recent option to take advantage of in-app purchase (available only to the US currently) to boost your account to 'Red' status is now seeing a rapid spike in the platforms position on the Top Grossing iPhone chart.

Recently appearing in 214th place on the iPhone chart on the 28th of November, it has rapidly shot to 4th place in the space of 3 days - a feat which is unbelievable judging that it's competitors are the invincible force of both Candy Crush Saga and Spotify Music.

US download estimates are currently putting the YouTube app at over 4 million unique downloads during its lifetime, with an approximate guess that the company were grossing about $12,000 a day from in-app purchases. Just imagine how many Chipotle bowls you can buy with that...

This comes just days before the Wall Street Journal reports that YouTube has NOW got it's eye on securing the rights to TV shows and movies to stream on their subscription service. If this goes through as a success, YouTube Red's rise to global domination will take no time at all. Or at least, it might be starting to rival other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime soon!

So, what's your stance on YouTube Red so far? You guys would be the best audience to aim YouTube Red at and we're curious to see if its paid off!