YouTube Red Originals Have Landed… But There’s More To Come

10 February 2016, 15:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Get excited - six more original shows are coming your way!

We've literally been talking about YouTube Red for MONTHS. But ladies and gentlemen, it has finally landed with all four of it's original programmes becoming available for viewing this morning! However, the very second they begin their new venture, YouTube Red announce six more new projects coming our way by the end of 2016.

YouTube Red launched at 6am EST on the 10th of February, kick-starting what will no doubt be a very interesting talking point about digital programming and original content for many many years to come. With three original movies (Trip To Unicorn Island, Dance Camp and Lazer Team) and one brand new original series (Scare PewDiePie) already under their belt, it now appears that they have zero intention to stop any time soon.

YouTube Red Gigi Gorgeous

One of the new projects is an as-of-yet untitled documentary following YouTube creator and transgender woman Gigi Gorgeous on her transition from male to female. It will look at Gigi's "journey to media superstar, including intimate moments with friends and family", and will aim to "lift the curtain and share [Gigi's] intimate details and experiences".

The second new announcement is another original TV series spread over six episodes about a group of friends struggling their way through high school. It comes from the minds of Dreamworks Animation and AwesomenessTV and will star a whole host of internet personalities; Jenn McAllister, Logan Paul, Rickey Thompson, Brooke Markham and Meghan Falcone.

On the official YouTube blog, four more original series were also revealed to be in the development stages as original content clearly becomes the number one priority for video-streaming platforms across the web. This was also seen earlier this week when Streamup, a live broadcasting platform, signed a new deal with BriaAndChrissy to begin curating content with the YouTube power couple.

The other planned shows include Prank Academy, Fight of the Living Dead, Bad Internet and an untitled 360-degree Game Theory show. Each series seems to have it's own niche focus and promises to spotlight YouTube Red as not only culturally diverse, but as fully aware of every single niche audience that could possibly come to the subscription service and pay the $10 sign up fee.

If you're still unsure of whether or not to sign up, Entertainment Weekly have an exclusive clip of Lazer Team for you to whet your appetite and hopefully join up in the Internet TV Revolution!