YouTube Just Got A Massive Redesign And Creators Aren't Here For It

30 August 2017, 13:06 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

YouTube Just Got A Massive Redesign And Creators A

By Liam Dryden

Every time YouTube has gone through a major design change, there has been uproar from the community. Believe us, we've been around the site for over a decade; and for some reason, a YouTube redesign is always cause for alarm. But this time round, even with a slight logo change, the site's redesign isn't the biggest thing on most creators' minds.


YouTube rolled out a series of updates to their desktop site and app yesterday.

Announcing the changes on Twitter, YouTube finally unveiled a number of things they have been testing for some time; including a new desktop layout (that includes the Dark theme), improvements to playback on mobile devices - and most controversially, an update to their iconic logo. The "Tube" in YouTube has officially been pulled from its home in the red tube shape; and the site's official "play button" icon has taken its place with a bright new recolour.


But most YouTubers seem to think there are bigger issues at hand.

With channels still constantly being demonetised, subscriptions still acting out of whack, and the site's algorithms pushing everybody to make the same kind of videos, plenty of creators think that more about the site needs attention than just how it looks. So while the response to the actual design was surprisingly lukewarm, a lot of people took the chance to share how they really feel.

There was room for jokes, obviously.


But others highlighted the real issues that concern them about YouTube.


What should have been a big day for the site's new look has been marred by their overhanging issues with their community; issues that still seem to be a long way away from being fixed. One would hope that the actual problems affecting creators are being looked at while the site gets a redesign - but like we said, we've been around for a decade; and in that entire time, actually listening to creators has never been the platform's strong suit.


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