Look Inside YouTube’s Incredible NYC Space And Try Not To Drool

1 March 2017, 16:48 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You won't believe what they're rocking in there...

Just in case you aren't lucky enough to live in New York and have over 10,000 subscribers, there's a pretty good chance you haven't been inside the iconic YouTube Space they have over there. Covering 20,000 square-foot and taking up the "sixth floor of New York's Chelsea Market", new pictures from on set of one of the most fascinating workspaces in the world have been released and we're in complete awe.

The Space is described as "a full-on production facility where YouTube creators can go to take production classes, attend panels, and, most importantly, film segments". Whilst they've recently hosted events for the likes of music sensations Wycliffe and Nelly Furtado, these areas are freely accessible for anyone with an active upload schedule and a fanbase already behind them.

Refinery29 were lucky enough to head down to the YouTube Space and chat to their head, Adam Relis. In addition to sharing seven photos of their currently available sets, Adam spoke more about how they're all chosen and set up:

"Once we've decided to move forward with a set concept, we aim to have it fully designed and up within a few weeks. The installation is usually quick, generally three to give days, because most of the build is done in advance at a builder's warehouse".

Below are some of the sets YouTube Space New York is boasting at the moment and honestly, we wanna work there so freaking badly... and that's coming from the people who call themselves full-time Unicorns!

The "iconic music club" CBGB Set.

new york


The "I Love New York" Diner Set.

new york


The "iconic" Subway Set.

new york


The "partnered with Warner Studios... to promote the horror movie" Lights Out Set.

new york


The Submarine "featuring a cocktail bar, navigational tools, and a Steve Zissou-worthy captain's chair" Set.

new york


The Spooky Cabin with "a derelict home, broken down bike, and dark woods" Set.

new york


The Oval Office (not with matching Trump) Set.

new york