YouTube Spotlight: "Black History Isn't Stopping"

2 March 2016, 12:07 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Keep Black History alive, even if February is over.

Black History Month may be 'in the past' in regards to calendars and media representation, but YouTube Spotlight just made an incredibly powerful statement on it's channel that for black lives, it's never over. In their words, "February is over, but black history isn't stopping. Black voices are making history everyday and shaping the future. Join us in celebrating the artists, activists and creators of today who are making their mark on YouTube, and beyond".

Their short video supports a YouTube campaign all about the need to "Keep Making History", and fronted by an impressive range of black YouTube creators and musicians. The likes of Kid President, Franchesca Ramsey, sWooZie, HartBeat, Todrick Hall, Whiz Khalifa, Nathan Zed and Kat Blaque are all spotlighted as black creators with a powerful voice and message regarding their culture and lives.

On Franchesca Ramsey's personal blog, she discusses YouTube's role in representing black creators on a more visible basis; “It is well-documented that Black people face bias on a consistent level in all fields. YouTube is no different. And a lot of this has to do with YouTube FANS succumbing to their own subconscious biases and only subscribing to people who look like them”. If you check out her post, Franchesca then goes on to set a challenge for her readers to broaden their horizons and subscribe to a list of well-researched black creators who deserve more exposure on a website that is often criticised for it's lack of diversity.

In response and in celebration to Black History Month, YouTube Spotlight has also created their own specialised playlist about "YouTube Creators making an impact" by ensuring they're getting the opportunities that they deserve. The playlist ranges from comedy shorts, to high-energy choreography plus beauty and fashion tips. We've saved it to our personal We The Unicorns YouTube channel to make sure every single day of the year we represent a side to digital media that needs more than one month a year of celebration.