YouTube Wants You To Stop Eating Tide Pods Because 2018 Is Weird As Hell

18 January 2018, 12:15

YouTube takes down tide pod videos
YouTube takes down tide pod videos. Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

This year, man. This freaking year.

Here's yet another news story we can file under 'we never thought we'd have to write this'. YouTube is being forced to clamp down on Tide Pod videos because so many people are uploading videos of them eating the small packets of poison. Tide Pods, which are not food and stop eating them, are used to clean clothes and are also not food. Another cool fact about them is that they're not food, and, additionally, it should be noted that they are, in many ways, not food.

YouTube is actively taking down videos after a flood of people, biting into, eating and even smoking tide pods began to flood onto the website. It's almost inspiring how far people will go for the sake of a meme... almost.

A YouTube spokesperson gave TechCrunch the following statement: “YouTube’s Community Guidelines prohibit content that’s intended to encourage dangerous activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm. We work to quickly remove flagged videos that violate our policies.”

Please stop.