YouTube Is F*cking With Your Subscription Feed Again

24 May 2018, 11:11

JackSepticEye called out YouTube for changing the sub feed
JackSepticEye called out YouTube for changing the sub feed. Picture: YouTube // JackSepticEye

By Josh Lee

YouTubers are calling out this MAJOR change.

YouTube has come under fire from creators and fans alike after the platform revealed that it's "experiementing" with your subscription feed's order.

Up until now, a YouTube user's subscription feed was ordered chronologically. But recently the platform began rolling out a new "personalised" order, which uses algorithms to determine what a user would like to see in the sub feed first.

The only problem is people quite like their chronological subscription feed as it is.

Just like Snapchat and Instagram before them, YouTube is facing fire from YouTubers and viewers for messing with the sub feed's ordering. Criticism has come from high-profile YouTubers including JackSepticEye, who argues that viewers use the subscription tab to avoid being fed videos view algorithms.

Fans and viewers also reached out to YouTube to complain about the new subscription feed algorithm

Algorithms have often been a point of contention between YouTube and its users. From YouTube's perspective, algorithms respond directly to the data that YouTube has collected on its users, and therefore theoretically should provide a personalised service that gives viewers exactly what they want. On the other hand, algorithms have been the driving force behind several recent controversies on YouTube, including Logan Paul's 'suicide forest' vlog reaching the number 1 spot on YouTube's trending page and creators having videos demonetised or age-restricted for seemingly spurious reasons.

YouTube have yet to respond to the backlash.