This Savage Thread Rips The Ever-Loving Sh*t Out Of Awful Vloggers

13 July 2017, 12:51 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

YouTube Treolls

By Team Unicorns

Joshua Idehen's damning Tweetstorm puts almost every abusive YouTube troll in their place - without having to mention a single name.

So long-time fans and members of the YouTube community are, understandably, pretty tired these days. Because a new subset of vlogger has been on the rise in recent years; Trolls that depend on extremist and typically right-wing views to gain large audiences. These vloggers tend to specialise in harassment and abuse of other users under the guise of "debate"; sometimes earning thousands on crowdfunding sites like Patreon, while their targets are forced to pull back their online presence to protect themselves.

emma blackery youtube thingy

But now this Twitter thread is taking every single one of them to task with "Hi, I'm a YouTube Thingy".

Poet and musician Joshua Idehen has thrown his hat into the ring with a blistering commentary that highlights some of the hypocrisies, behaviours and tropes that are so common amongst the troll side of YouTube. In almost 30 tweets that all begin with "Hi, I'm a YouTube Thingy", Joshua manages to get really specific about certain folks, without the need to even mention their name.

Really specific.

Really, really specific.

Need we say more?

Then after his thread started to gain a lot of traction, people who resonated pretty hard with the 'YouTube Thingy' tweets started coming up with their own.


The whole thing is a pretty hilarious respite from the usual tsunami of trolls that inevitably arrive to shout down this level of criticism; but even when laughing, it's always worth being aware of the gravity of the whole situation.

You can see more highlights from the 'Hi, I'm a YouTube Thingy' thread in the Moment below.

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