YouTube TV: Will It Be A Good Or Bad Thing For YouTubers?

2 March 2017, 13:25 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Will the service help or hurt creators?

So we were all surprised when YouTube finally announced their $35/month TV package yesterday. YouTube TV, which boasts access to over 40 channels (and YouTube Red Originals), has been met with mixed reactions; mostly from members of the YouTube community.

Some made jokes about the YouTube experience.


And some are excited for the future of the site.


But some have real concerns - mostly about how YouTube TV will affect creators.

So far, it hasn't been clear where creators lie in the big plan for YouTube TV; and many are worried that this is the beginning of a bigger plan to phase out original video content in favour of big channels and programmed shows.

But Philip DeFranco, who was given the announcement before it went public, has a little more insight into how the service will work - and how it might actually help creators grow.

Phil reveals that a major feature in the way shows are displayed on YouTube TV will benefit creators massively; but particularly the ones who make videos on trending topics or current events. Essentially, when a TV show ends, viewers will apparently be shown related YouTube videos to watch next. So this will potentially give its homegrown creator base a potential boost from the service.

youtube tv

So whether this feature will really be a major benefit to YouTubers remains to be seen; but if one thing is clear, it's that it's apparently been up to Phil to put everyone's minds at ease.