Shay Carl Returns To YouTube After Scandal: “I Don’t Expect Any Of You To Forgive Me”

29 November 2017, 10:44

Shay Carl returns to YouTube
Shay Carl returns to YouTube. Picture: other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"I just want to start fresh and not feel like a scum.” Shay Carl offers a long series of apologies in an emotionally charged new video.

"I've been wanting to make this video for a long time and I've really lacked the courage." Shay Carl has returned to YouTube in a stripped-back, raw new video in which he offers apologies to his viewers and his family.

Shay was exposed in a cheating scandal at the beginning of 2017, which lead to him deleting his social media and entering rehab for alcoholism.

His wife Colette returned to YouTube a few months before him with an emotional video of her own, in which she discusses how Shay's actions have impacted her life and the life of her family.

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