YouTube now has a Stories feature just like Instagram

3 December 2018, 17:51

The YouTube video app is seen on various digital devices/Trisha Paytas crying
YouTube Stories have just hit Instagram. Picture: Getty/YouTube/TrishaPaytas

By Jazmin Duribe

Step aside, Snapchat.

YouTube has just become the latest platform to roll out a new Stories feature, after they announced plans for a huge shake up in November 2017. But unlike on other platforms, YouTube Stories lasts a whole seven days. So that means you'll have a week-long reminder of just how awful you were other the weekend. Yikes.

YouTube originals will soon be free for all users

Stories are visible to subscribers as well as non-subscribers and viewers can reply directly to them with messages and pictures. The new feature – which was launched last week – will show up in YouTube's "Up Next" sidebar next to a video.

What's the actual point? We have Instagram already, duh.

So, Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook have Stories features but the focus for YouTube Stories seems to be on channel promotion and community engagement, rather than a blurry video of your Saturday night in the club. YouTubers can now tease upcoming collaborations, show behind-the-scenes footage and sell their products live.

Right, I get it! Can I have a go?

Sadly, it's not for mere mortals like you and I. You'll need at least 10,000 subbies to use the Stories feature. That's not to say in future that number won't come down, YouTube said in a statement that they were awaiting more "feedback". However, you can watch your faves plug their latest ventures right now.

But if you do have at least 10,000 subscribers, you can create a story by simply firing up the YouTube mobile app, tapping on the camera icon, and selecting "Create Story".

Still confused? Yeah, you're not alone. People are still struggling to get their head around the concept.

Nonetheless, Instagram's Stories feature has become a popular add-on for the platform for two years now (feel old yet?) but maybe it'll have the same success for YouTube too.