Did Wikipedia Just Shade YouTube For Being Cheap?

16 March 2018, 11:27

Wikipedia and YouTube logos
Wikipedia and YouTube logos. Picture: Wikipedia // YouTube

By Josh Lee

Wikipedia have called YouTube out after the video platform announced they would begin putting links to articles from the online encyclopaedia underneath videos to fight conspiracy theories, but failed to notify Wikipedia first.

This week, YouTube announced that they would begin putting links to relevant Wikipedia articles underneath videos identified as potential conspiracy theory content, to combat the spread of fake news. This was in response to a conspiracy theory video claiming that one of the Florida High School shooting survivors was a paid crisis actor trended worldwide. However, Wikipedia claim that "neither Wikipedia nor the Wikimedia Foundation... were given advance notice of this announcement." They went also implied that YouTube hadn't offered any financial contribution to Wikipedia - which is funded by donations - to use the service on such a large scale.

Restating their mission - "that every single person can share in free knowledge" - in a statement on Twitter, Wikipedia said "all this is possible because of the six million people who donate to keep Wikipedia running"; a potential dig at YouTube for not being one of the six million donors.

While Wikipedia stopped short of explicitly calling YouTube out for not donating to them, the fact that no donation was mentioned in Wikipedia's extensive statement suggests that this was the case.

Read Wikipedia's full statement below: