YouTuber Aaron Beam Is "Lucky To Be Alive" After Fake Shooting Stunt

29 February 2016, 16:47 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

The filmmaker was arrested for wielding a fake gun in public.

A troubling yet repetitive trend is happening in regards to YouTube creators at the moment. Be it pranksters or filmmakers, creators are pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to be doing in a public sphere. With sexually and racially charged 'social experiments' coming out almost weekly, YouTubers seem to be disregarding their own safety in order to make video content - as is what happened with Aaron Beam last week.

During a filming session for the next episode of his web series Heres 2 The Throne, Aaron did what was usual for himself and his crew to do by whipping out a fake gun and pointing it all over the place. However, unknown to them at the time, nearby Police officers had heard their fake gunfire and were closing in on their position. Eventually they stormed onto the set and arrested Aaron Beam before he had the chance to point out the weapon was fake.

After receiving national press coverage in the USA about his 'fake gun arrest' scenario, Aaron uploaded a video to his channel explaining what actually happened and how "the situation could have go ugly, it could have went both ways, [he] could have been dead - a boy couldn't have been here right now". This is the first time he has spoke about the incident since he was arrested and had charges of disorderly conducted and reckless endangerment dropped last week, but he is adamant that he wants his side of the story to be heard after being called an "idiot" in newspapers.

"We ended up doing a little scene in there which had a prop gun involved. The cops came and they saw the gun involved. It could have went left, they told me freeze and I put the gun down", as Aaron remembers. On the plus side, he doesn't care very much for the negative press as in his eyes, "this is just going to put us on the map more... all press is good press". You can see the rest of Aaron Beam's Heres 2 The Throne series below, and hopefully it will resume now he's not in the slammer!


UPDATE: Since publishing this article, Aaron has removed his update video.