This YouTuber Was Catfished By Best Friends... For Two Years?!

21 July 2016, 14:27 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Like, can you even imagine this?!

There's one vlogger on YouTube right now that's retelling the horrible stories from her childhood that desperately need to be heard, and her name is Bethany Leigh. From being sued by her school and banned from prom to coming out as bisexual, Bethany is clearly leading a pretty unbelievable life right now. But things took a scary turn in her most recent video when she revealed that for two years, she was catfished by her two best friends.

The story started was Bethany was 11-years-old, when she was back in high school. Two of her closest friends ("we'll call them Sarah and Donna") introduced their friendship group to their "online boyfriends" which, for the sake of the story, Bethany refers to as Craig and Lewis. Over the next few months, Bethany and her friends got really close with the two boys and talked all the time as if they were friends in real life. She even recalls Craig being "really flirty" with people on his "own Twitter account".

Not long after they became friends, Sarah came into school claiming she was pregnant with Craig's baby (we must remind you once more, that these people are 11-years-old). However, this pregnancy quickly ended when Sarah started telling everyone that she had had a miscarriage after Craig's crazy ex-girlfriend had hunted her down and repeatedly punched her in the stomach. After this, the friendship with Craig and Lewis carried on as normal, until two years later.

Bethany answered the phone to her best friend Ellie who was devastated - she had found out that neither Craig nor Lewis existed and she believed it was all an elaborate prank against her. But what she didn't realise what that no one else knew that these two boys were fake apart from the people who set up their accounts, stole their identities and decided to catfish their best friends - Sarah and Donna.


Bethany recalls her emotions at that moment in her life when she realised she had been catfished; "I'm gonna get tears in my eyes because I was so f*cking scared... I invested in my friends life, her miscarriage and all this stuff, but it's not real?!". After news came to light that their friends had been emotionally abusing their friendship group for two years, Bethany tried to speak to her school about the issue but they "did nothing".

The worst part of the story is that Donna tried to blame the catfishing incident on the fact she had a "mental illness", but as a 13-year-old girl with "no evidence" and no parental awareness of her "illness", Bethany concluded that she was lying about "having serious mental health issues to get herself out of this sh*t". And even now, years after she had been catfished, Sarah and Donna are still up to no good after Bethany caught them on Instagram setting up a fake account to scam somebody else.


In this new account, which Bethany discovered thanks to Instagram's notification of her Facebook friend Donna joining, she saw her old friend using images of someone's dead grandma as well as stories of her "cancer" in order to catfish a new victim. Using her popular fanbase, Bethany was able to find the new victim and let her know what was happening to her in the hopes it would try to end Donna and Sarah's catfishing habits. We're hoping it has - but always remember to be safe online!

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