Here's How Your Fave YouTubers Celebrated The 4th Of July

5 July 2016, 11:39 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We're feeling super festive RN.

If you didn't already know by now, the 4th of July is pretty important holiday over in America. Not only was it the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed, but it was also the day in which everyone took an important step away from the British Empire in order to join their colonies together to form... the United States of America! To celebrate, everyone had massive parties and celebrated the hell out of their Independence Day this week, and we've got all the pics right here.

From fireworks, pool parties and makeup tutorials, your favourite YouTubers went absolutely crazy for this year's 4th of July celebrations and we couldn't help but share some of our favourite moments from America's favourite day. Let us know what you got up to the in the comments!


Alexa Losey looks very happy in this candid 4th of July snap!


Is it at all possible for Joey Graceffa to not look absolutely breathtaking?! Even the freaking bubbles are more photogenic than I am.


Here's Connor Manning being the most patriotic YouTuber in the world.


A 4th of July fireworks display in Disney?! Okay, so Alexys Fleming was literally living our dreams this year.


Our Brit babe Noodlerella was able to join in with the fun on America's birthday with these lush snaps.


Oh Oli White, promise us you'll never change.


Apparently Daniel J Layton and I have the same taste in patriotic-themed head gear.


I mean, congrats to JackSepticEye for being able to consume that many ribs - but is that truly the best way to toast the 4th of July?!


Caspar Lee took a break from filming Hit The Road: USA with Joe Sugg to take a splash and celebrate Independence Day in style.


Goddamnit Phil Lester - is there any day of the year in which your Twitter game isn't on fire?!


Over on YouTube, Kandee Johnson uploaded this retro, viral video about her gorgeous American flag lip tutorial. It may be five years old, but it still gives us all the giggles in 2016.


And finally, what 4th of July celebration would be complete without Markiplier and his History Lessons! We give it 10/10 for all the faces and historical accuracy.


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