This YouTuber Got Her ‘D’ Grade GCSE Remarked And The Result Was Ridiculous

13 July 2017, 10:56 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

youtuber gcse result

By Benedict Townsend

There's hope for everyone - if you're stressed about receiving exam results this summer, this insane remarking story is sure to leave you inspired

YouTuber UnJaded Jade has shared a story that is sure to offer to a beacon of hope for anyone waiting on exam results. She revealed in a recent video that when got her GCSE results last year (exams you take in the UK around the age of 16), she found that she had received a D in her drama exam.

A 'D' is one of the lowest grades you can receive in a standard GCSE exam, and she was expecting to do much better, so you can imagine her disappointment. Well, she decided to have the exam remarked and lo and behold not only did she get her grade moved up - she got it moved up to an A* ('A star'), which is, of course, the highest grade possible.

You can watch her video here:


It's a pretty amazing story, and one that sits as a friendly reminder that sometimes mistakes are made and it's worth double-checking things. You never know when a 'D' could become an 'A*'.


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