Glamour Beauty Festival Is Giving YouTubers The Recognition They Deserve

11 February 2016, 16:28 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Seven of our YouTube faves have been confirmed!

As well as declaring three of your favourite YouTubers as the sexiest men on Earth and nominating a further NINE female YouTubers for their Woman Of The Year award, can Glamour be any more amazing?! Well they can because they've just announced seven YouTubers will be speaking at their prestigious Beauty Festival later on in the year.

The Beauty Festival will be held in the Saatchi Gallery in central London from the 12th-13th of March and will feature panel talks and meet-up with an elite group of beauty experts. Amongst some of the most prominent make-up artists and photo-journalists in the industry, the seven YouTubers lined up are as follows; Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Fleur de Force, Estee LaLonde, Pixiwoo's Sam + Nic and Niomi Smart!

beauty festival 2

If you want to know more about the line up or buy a ticket to the annual event, check out Glamour's official website to see what the schedule is for the whole weekend. However, if you're only keen on seeing your favourite YouTubers, we've done all the leg work for you! Here is everything you're going to want to have a front row seat for:

  • Tanya Burr - talk about being a covergirl, "dishing out her beauty wisdom, answering the questions you've always been dying to know and revealing just what it takes to get to the top of the beauty vlogging industry" (Saturday 12th March, 3.15pm)
  • Jim Chapman, Fleur de Force and Estee LaLonde - chatting about social media and the impact of it, "a session no budding blogger or vlogger will want to miss" (Sunday 13th March, 10.30am)
  • Pixiwoo - a make-up masterclass with two of YouTube's most recognisable beauty talents (Saturday 12th March, 5.00pm)
  • Niomi Smart - hosting a Saturday brunch panel with Honestly Healthy's Natasha Correct and Bodyism's James Duigan with a live cooking show (Saturday 12th March, 12.30pm)

A massive congratulations to every YouTuber attending and we have every single finger and toe crossed that more announcements are on the way as a couple guest slots are still to be announced! To help pass the time, here's Tanya's video debuting her official Glamour magazine cover to the world back in October 2015.