Kwebbelkop Apologises For Sick 9/11 Joke ... By Making Another

12 September 2016, 14:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

It's hard to understand how he didn't foresee that people would be offended.

Popular YouTube gamer Kwebbelkop caused big waves this past weekend when he inexplicably decided to start making 9/11 jokes... on the anniversary of 9/11. The YouTuber then doubled-down on the controversy by tweeting a fake apology... that had another 9/11 joke in it - presumably because he was taking an attitude of 'in for a penny'.

Now, controversial humour is common on Twitter, so his dark jokes weren't unprecedented - what was strange, though, was how surprised he seemed to be by the fact that people ended up being very offended. After receiving a boatload of replies from people who were mostly just baffled that he would choose to make such a controversial move for no particular reason, the YouTuber apologised and insisted he wasn't trying to offend anyone. Pro tip: if you don't want to offend people, don't make 9/11 jokes on 9/11. His original jokes have been deleted, but the debate continues in the replies of his apologies:


Advice for the future: if you don't want to offend people, never do literally any of this. We're sure he'll bounce back to his regular self and give us some of that sweet, sweet gaming goodness we know and love him for.