YouTuber Arrested By FBI For Threatening To Kill YouTube Employees

28 September 2018, 15:36

Picture: YouTube channel

By Chandni Sembhi

A conspiracy YouTuber has been arrested for threatening to kill 100 YouTube employees.

Right-wing conspiracy YouTuber, William Douglas, known online as LiamXmaiL Revolution -X-, has been jailed by the FBI after threatening to kill 100 YouTube employees. He believed YouTube was unfairly demonetising his videos and suppressing his views, and he felt like he was being censored. He has been charged with cyber-stalking and making threats.

His videos looked at conspiracies like Pizzagate, QAnon, New World Order, flat earth, mind control, AI, and more, with some individual videos gaining him over 400,000 views.

The threats started in August when YouTube deleted his first channel, forcing him to create a new one. In now-deleted tweets, he said "you want a bigger mass casualty aka shooting let's see what I can do", "return my channel you low life Sholes before someone else comes and shoots more of your employees you f**ks", and "F**k you @YouTube im a few hours away and if you are just going to ignore me try ignoring my gun you f**ks ... no more warning expect massive casualties ... I would kill the 100 YouTube employees if given the chance".

Picture: YouTube channel

Then, on the 17th September, he tweeted YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, saying "Susan I'm coming for you today #pray". In these tweets, he is referencing the attack at YouTube's offices in California when YouTuber, Nasim Aghdam, shot three employees before killing herself.

William's tweets were made from multiple accounts, but traced back to him at his home in Oregon, where he was arrested. Although he has been arrested and his videos demonetised, his channel has not yet been deleted.

His hearing has been scheduled for October 8th.