Why This YouTuber's Head Shaving Video Is REALLY Important

18 January 2016, 09:40 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

"It’s either shave my hair or lose my hair"

Rebecca Brown is a YouTuber with over 75,000 subscribers. She also suffers from a very rare condition called trichotillomania, a medical condition where a person feels an uncontrollable compulsion to pull out their hair. To combat this, Rebecca has, throughout her life, shaved her head entirely, in order to stop the condition from becoming the focus of her life. Sadly, she notes in the video that shaving her head is a 'last resort' intended mainly to give her hair time to recover and it does not actually suppress the urges of the condition.


Her latest shave was different, though, to previous ones because, for the first time, she decided to film the process, in order to raise awareness for the extreme difficulty of living with the condition:



Her video receieved a wave of positive feedback from the online communtiy, as well as being featured in a variety of a world famous publications like Cosmopolitan and We The Unicorns. The response was such that Rebecca made a video specifically to thank people for their support:



You can visit Rebecca's channel here (incidentally, she has one of the most soothing voices of anyone online) and you can get more information on trichotillomania here.