YouTuber With A Patreon Accuses McDonald's Workers Of "Expecting Handouts"

5 September 2017, 14:09 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

YouTuber With A Patreon Accuses McDonald's Workers

By Josh Lee

Gaming YouTuber Suzy Lu has been criticised online after saying that McDonald's workers who are striking over pay and work conditions "expect handouts."

On 4th September, McDonald's workers in south-east London made history after becoming the first employees of the fast-food chain to vote to go on strike. Their demands include a "living wage" of Ł10 an hour and an end to zero-hours contracts.

But according to Suzy Lu, a living wage is too much to ask for

On Twiter, Suzy wrote: "McDonald's workers on strike cause they want Ł10 an hour? Go and get an actual decent job & stop expecting handouts."

Arguing that it's "wrong" to demand a living wage if you work at McDonald's,  Suzy added" "I think most people went there after school but it's a stepping stone, not a career."

Many people took offence at Suzy's tweets - particularly because she uses Patreon, a website that allows people to hand out money to others. While Suzy has chosen to keep the amount she earns from Patreon private, at the time of writing she has 53 individual Patreons. Patreons who donate $25 a month are rewarded by being allowed to play X Box with Suzy on Sundays. Sometimes.

Suzy then brought care workers into her argument to defend her point

Arguing that care workers in Scotland make less than Ł10 an hour after years of studying, Suzy said that Ł10 an hour "seems steep" for McDonalds workers.

What does Ł10 an hour really look like?

Ł10 an hour is just over the London Living Wage, which is set at Ł9.75 for 2017. The London Living Wage refers to the minimum salary required to live in London. This includes housing, bills, travel and essential extras such as clothing. Someone earning Ł10 an hour would take home Ł1,378 a month - over Ł500 less than the average British salary. Right now, the average wage for a McDonalds worker on a 0 hours contract is around Ł7.20 an hour, according to figures provided by the company. McDonalds generates around Ł17 billion in revenue each year.

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