YouTube Is Under Fire After 'Anti-Gay' Ads Appear On Videos

1 June 2018, 14:23 | Updated: 6 June 2018, 09:31

anti gay youtube ads
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"i mean that’s just plain and simple homophobia right?! the platform we use is homophobic?"

YouTubers have taken to social media to report that they are getting anti-LGBT ads served to them on their YouTube videos.

Gay YouTuber Stevie Boebi shared the following screenshot, which shows a pre-roll ad that played before an Anna Akana video:

It shows an ad for Alliance Defending Freedom, an American conservative Christian group that is firmly against gay marriage, gay adoption and a host of other LGBTQ+ issues. The Southern Poverty Law Centre, a prestigious American organisation that tracks hate groups has deemed the ADF "a hate group".

This particular ad that played in front of Anna's video is an extract from a video the group produced called 'Should The Government Force People To Create Art That Violates Their Beliefs?', which tells the story of a real woman who refused to create floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding because of her religious beliefs.

This video argues she was right to do so.

Personal morality aside, such a decision does not appear to match up with US law, with the Washington Supreme Court finding against the woman in 2017. The woman is now taking her case the US Supreme Court in a last attempt to win her case.

And that wasn't the only ad

YouTubers quickly hit back against YouTube