Here's How YouTubers Are Helping Launch LGBT History Month 2016

4 January 2016, 09:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

LGBT History Month Is Just Around The Corner

We're thrilled to tell you that prominent LGBT YouTubers will be helping to kick off this  year's LGBT Month. Gary C, Jazza John, Roland West and Calum McSwiggan will be at the launch this February, which should have the delightful win-win effect of promoting both  the importance of LGBT history and the status of YouTubers as role-models and public figures. More deets below:


gary c

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The YouTuber panel will be held at Redbridge Central library (in London) on February 9th and will feature the panel discussing different aspects of LGBT life. For details on the event, just click here.