YouTubers MOBBED By Fans At Airport During AmplifyLIVE Tour

11 April 2016, 11:37 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Some fans really need a reality-check on their behaviour.

A collection of high-profile YouTubers landed in Sydney, Australia over the weekend to embark on the next leg of their AmplifyLIVE Tour. However, they were instead greeted by hundreds of fans waiting to ambush and take pictures of their faves caught totally off-guard. In case you didn't know, AmplifyLIVE is "a 2 hour live show featuring some of the world's biggest YouTubers, full of music, laughs and more" - and is 100% not about mobbing people at airports.

Following the attack, multiple YouTubers took to Twitter to express their anger and confusion as to why their audience would act in such an inconsiderate manner. Kurt Coleman tweeted out; "It's so disrespectful and invading that people have to follow us to our hotel and shit. And you guys wonder why we don't always stop for you / We are actually humans you know. Don't push me over, tread on me and do not touch me / I just feel upset because I got pushed onto the ground by people who reckon they're my fans. Respect moi? Respect us? We respect you?". The attack was so bad, that even Amplify spoke out about the incident:

Tyler Oakley posted perhaps the most important and poignant tweet of them all, listing all the ways he's scared of the way his fans acted back in the Sydney airport;

“The best part of tour is providing a safe & controlled environment is to meet you - the people who support my stuff & are so kind every day online. The worst part is when boundaries are crossed. And to be honest, sometimes I get a little bummed because we work really hard to make the show/m&g; as personal as possible - and I just wish that could be enough. When people mob at airports & camp out at the hotel, it really makes me feel swallowed whole. Like I talked about in my documentary, our hotel on our is home away from home - and in my opinion (can’t speak for anyone else) it’s never appropriate to wait outside someone’s home. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you all & understand the excitement, thank you to the 99% of you who respect all of this. Just feel like I should articulate how I feel instead of letting it build up inside of me into resentment. That’s all!!"

Other YouTubers on the AmplifyLive Tour are yet to speak out about their experiences, but JC Caylen saw the mobbing in a very different light, choosing to apologise that he couldn't stop to see any of his fans because of "safety drills blah blah". Finally, Trevor Moran begged his fans to think through their actions, not just in the name of safety but for the wellbeing of people who are currently touring like crazy around their country; "Guys, please be mindful of us at the airport. We are tired and have been travelling. Getting trampled after I get off a plane is not the best".

Some fans even managed to capture footage of the ambush where you can see DOZENS of young girls swarming around Kian Lawley as he walks through the terminal. How do you feel about the fans who mobbed YouTubers in Australia? Let us know in the comments and you may be featured in an upcoming article!