YouTubers VS Politics: The Unicorns Round-Up

18 January 2016, 14:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Things get political!

So last week it was revealed that three new YouTubers would be having a Q&A; with POTUS himself, Mr Barack Obama. Well, it happened and we have everything you need to know about their interviews summed up in bitesize little truth nuggets later on in the article. But if you're keen on watching the whole hour long video look no further than the very next line!


First up, Ingrid Nilson!

Ingrid asked some touching questions on the topic of curing cancer after her mother survived the dreadful C word. She wanted to know more about Obama's opinions on how close they were to discovering a cure for cancer and whether the US government will be able to do anything about it.

Obama responded by opening up about losing his own mother to cancer, but acknowledging that in his eyes it won't be within the next five years that a cure is made possible. However, on a positive note, Barack believes that a cure is entirely possible within the next 20 years as we continue to take huge strides towards ending the fight - something that can only happen if we continue to fund cancer research and science.

Next up to bat, sWooZie!

Adande Thorne, known online as sWooZie, opened up the discussion by sharing his experience with racial profiling, saying that he wants to know from Obama about his opinions on police accountability and how he can help out the country with what's left of his time in the White House.

Upping his relatability factor by a million, Obama discussed how he likes to wear his hat backwards and has seen the likes of racial profiling trouble the nation, however he urges that we mustn't generalise the reasons as to why police officer failure occurs across the US.

Barack states that he supports the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers and the tough job that they do on the streets of America but he does address the fact that misconduct happens regardless. Obama ends the discussion by pointing out that his task force was recently assembled in order to get recommendations on how to tackle police misconduct, be it regarding better data collection, standardised body cameras or enhanced training.

Oh, and Obama finally settled the debate between two of the greatest rappers in 2016; Drake or Kendrick Lamar? "I gotta go with Kendrick. I'm just saying. I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer, but Kendrick, his lyrics - his last album was outstanding. Best album, I think, last year." He would also play Han Solo in the Star Wars movies FYI... WHY DO WE HAVE TO LOSE OBAMA?!


Optimized-destin obama

And finally, Destin Sandlin!

Before his Obama interview, Destin discussed the amount of time he spent on Reddit trying to get the perfect questions to ask Barack. Here's what he settled on - If we discovered a new element and named it 'Obamium' after our favourite POTUS, what would the physical properties be?

Obama's answer was not just amazing, but seriously well considered for such an oddball of a question; he wants to be stable but a catalyst, not too hot or cold, useful to humanity but most importantly he doesn't want to just be a shiny object that people like. We literally could not think of something that describes Obama anymore!


One more thing, these YouTubers cuddled up real close to Mr Obama to take his first 360° selfie!

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA



But wait... did more happen?!

Oh hell yeah it did! On Sunday (January 17th), there was a big time Democratic presidential debate between most of the leading candidates for the next election. However it was suddenly made WAY more interesting by a sudden appearance of our YouTube faves asking some majorly important questions!

pres debate

We had Franchesca Ramsey... She asked about the conflict of interest between local prosecutors and police enforces when misconduct happens in the community. Bernie Sanders responded by saying that the responsibility of prosecuting police infractions should come down to the US Justice Department. Whenever someone in the country is wrongfully killed, it should automatically trigger a US attorney general's investigation in the name of fairness.

Next up Connor Franta... Connor starts by pointing out the success that Bernie is having amongst other voters in our generation, but uses this as a point to ask the other candidates how they plan on engaging young voters for the election. This question is taken by Clinton who starts by praising Franta on his millions of subscribers and reminds him how important it is to engage with young AND old voters to ensure that the White House doesn't get handed over to the Republicans - a bad move in her eyes.

Third in line Marques Brownlee... As a gadget reviewer, Marques want to know about whether tech companies and the US government will ever be able to find a middle ground to the endless debate surrounding privacy and security. O'Malley steps in by calling for greater protection against unwarranted government interference. He backs this up by saying that regardless of whether the government want to come in your house or your emails, they need a warrant.

And lastly was the science nerds at MinuteEarth... The team of scientists behind MinuteEarth presented the room with a truly hard-hitting cartoon about climate change and the horrid statistics that we all need to be aware of, specifically citing the "political gridlock" preventing progress. They wanted to know what it would take to convince America to change their behaviours and whilst Bernie Sanders didn't exactly give a straight answer, he did note that it is impossible to avoid the effects that human beings are having on the planet.


If you want to see their beautiful faces ask ones of the most politically influential rooms in the world a bit of questions, then below is a lush little video just for you!