YouTuber Shares Her Experience Of Austin Jones After He's Charged With Child Pornography

20 June 2017, 13:19 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

"It is OK to say you're uncomfortable, it's OK to say no to people"

Warning: This article contains details which some people may find distressing. We will provide pre-warning before the more sensitive details, but please exercise general caution.
YouTuber Austin Jones was recently charged with making two counts of child pornography, but the YouTube community will know this isn't the first time Austin has been in trouble over encouraging underage fans to send him "inappropriate" material. In the past, Austin was heavily criticised for asking his audience to send them videos of them twerking. Now several YouTubers have made videos to voice their disgust at the situation and share their experience of Austin Jones.

One of the first creators to talk about Austin Jones' arrest was Glam&Gore;

In a video titled "We need to talk (about Austin Jones), the 27 year old addressed a number of issues including the transcripts of messages sent between Austin and his underage fans: "He banks on the fact that these girls idolise him and will probably feel pressured enough [to send explicit images]".

Mykie gives a warning to her young fans about consent and encourages them to feel confident enough to speak their mind.

"I just wanted to... remind you guys... it is OK to say you're uncomfortable, it's OK to say no to people, it doesn't matter if you idolise them, it doesn't matter if you feel like they would never intentionally manipulate you... people do that all the time even if they seem like good people"

Mykie also opens up about her own experience about "encountering someone who tried to use their position of power to manipulate [someone]".

The second creator to speak out about Austin Jones was Aurora Skies who shared her personal experience with Austin Jones.

In the nearly fifteen minute long video, Aurora shares screenshots of messages from Austin asking for "twerking videos". At the time, Aurora was just 14.

If you're interested in what Aurora has to say, press play on the video below but please note that some viewers may find the content upsetting.

At the time of writing, Austin Jones is currently on bail as he awaits trial. We will update you with more information once we have it.