Influencers are calling out this company for not paying for sponsored content

23 October 2018, 16:02 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 16:08

Adelaine Morin Merch
Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Zaful has been accused of not paying influencers for their sponsored content.

Popular online clothing retailer, Zaful, has been accused of asking influencers to make sponsored videos, and then once the videos have been posted, blocking the influencers and not paying them. This all started when beauty and style YouTuber Adelaine Morin called out the brand for stealing her merch designs. After this, other influencers came forward saying how badly Zaful treat influencers they've worked with.

Adelaine first called out Zaful for completely ripping off one of her merch designs. As you can see below (Adelaine's on the left and Zaful's on the right), the designs are pretty much identical. Two yellow hoodies with 'girls supporting girls' written in white, and two white horizontal stripes on the arms. Although, Zaful's hoodie appears to read 'girls supportion girls' and if the ripped off design wasn't enough to put you off, the spelling mistake definitely should be.

Adelaide and Zaful hoodies
Adelaide and Zaful hoodies. Picture: Social Media

Obiviously, Adelaine wasn't okay with this, as she'd previously spent her own money on Zaful and supported them - and then they did that.

After this came out, other influencers came forward to say Zaful had mistreated them when it came to brand deals and sponsored videos.

This was then backed up with screenshots.

Then Adelaine, truly supporting girls, tweeted Tana Mongeau to warn her about Zaful's behaviour, as Tana has made videos with them before. Tana expressed how sad she is about the whole situation, and then offered Adelaine the chance to speak to her contact there.

We don't know what's happened since, but the hoodie in question now cannot be found on their website. Although, Zaful still haven't responded publicly to any of these accusations.