Here's Why Alfie Deyes Is WAY MORE Successful On Snapchat Than YouTube

13 May 2016, 11:11 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

alfie deyes more successful on snapchat

By Ella Wells

We didn't think this was even possible.

We Unicorns love Snapchat, we love it so much that we write about it all the time. However, we never thought we'd see the day when you YouTube obsessives would be loving Snapchat MORE than our fave video sharing platform. Don't worry, we're still YouTube's number 1 fan, but it turns out that Alfie Deyes' fans are watching his Snapchats more than his actual main channel videos - and he's explained why.

Alfie headed to Prague this week to talk on the stage at the Engage 2016 convention, run by Socialmakers, to speak about the impact that his many social media platforms have. We'd have expected Alfie, with his over five million subscribers on YouTube, to have the most success with his main channel videos which usually see anywhere between one to two million views alone. However, when talking to Business Insider at the convention with Dom Smales, head of the talent agency Gleam Futures, he revealed that already that day he had received over 16 million views on his Snapchat story alone and it was only 4:30pm.

Alfie explained why he believes his Snapchat is attracting so much more attention than his main channel, stating "I think because it's on their phone, popping up, and it's so instant". He also explained how Snapchat's 24 hour story feature is engaging his audience instantly "as you have to be there to see it and then it's gone". This feature is like nothing else on the Internet with his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts all being readily accessible whenever you want to catch up.

zoe and alfie

But maybe there's more to it than the fear of FOMO and that instant gratification Snapchat is giving his subscribers. We've already written about the power that Zoella noticing you can have and with Alfie being the boyfriend of one of the most successful Youtubers in the world, it has definitely had a huge impact on his following. With Zoella's massive influence in mind, Zalfie's huge social media audience maybe the reason for Alfie's enormous number of views, with the chance of getting a glimpse of Zoe in one of his snaps being the main attraction to his followers.

Not only that, Alfie announced in a vlog just over a month ago that he was no longer going to worry about the content on his main channel as he was constantly feeling guilty for not filming anything to upload on a Sunday. He explained that as he already daily vlogs and uploads regular gaming videos, he just wanted the content on his main channel to be fun and enjoyable rather than just filming because he feels contracted to - so maybe his rise in Snapchat followers is down to his lack of videos on his main channel?

If you don't already follow Alfie on Snapchat then his username is @itsalfiedeyes and if you can't get enough of Alfie's Snapchat make sure to let us know in the comments.