Here’s Why Zalfie Are Now Using CCTV To Stop Fans Outside Their House

9 August 2016, 10:13 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

zalfie cctv

By Charleyy Hodson

Alfie went on a huge Twitter rant.

Multiple times in the past we've written about the lengths YouTubers have to go to in order to protect themselves from overzealous fans. From tighter security at conventions to police escorts in public locations, it seems that YouTubers in 2016 have been escalated past the point of "everyday heroes" and into the realm of stardom - but with that, comes a great threat to their safety, as Alfie Deyes just revealed.

Zoe and Alfie, who are arguably one of the biggest YouTube couples on the planet right now, have previously tried to warn fans away from congregating outside their home in the hopes of grabbing photos and signatures from the two. This wasn't helped by a local Brighton newspaper that published their private address following their purchase of a brand new house and, as you can imagine, suddenly Zalfie's lovely new home became a hotbed for celebrity-spotting tourists.

Following the last time Alfie publicly called out fans for loitering outside their home, one can assume that people would know better than camping outside the Zalfie lot again... but no. It looks like, according to Alfie, "there's groups & groups of people outside [their home] everyday. It's so invasive". In a series of Tweets, Alfie goes on the explain how they "can't drive [their] car out of [their] drive without being screamed at or followed", and so he has decided to improve the security surrounding their home to warn away future fans.

In an attempt to report annoying fans and their behaviour, "from now on [Alfie is] setting [their] CCTV to save all number plates waiting outside & [he's] going to forward them to the police for harassment". This warning was posted after fans could be heard "shouting for us wanting pictures" outside their walled home at 11pm on a weeknight - which whether you're famous or not, you should all agree is just wrong.

Alfie then took the time to reply to fans saying he was going too far, with another particular user accusing both Alfie and Zoe for "signing up for this"; "I signed up for people waiting outside my house? Sorry when did I sign that? Oh wait I didn't... I just make YouTube videos". What do you feel about this situation - Is Alfie in the wrong for trying to control is audience, or should fans just leave the couple alone and respect their security? Let us know in the comments below.

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