BREAKING: Zoella And Alfie Are Now Facing ANOTHER Huge Security Issue

16 May 2016, 15:40 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

zalfie security

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We can't believe the extent people are going to get close to the couple...

We thought we'd heard the last of the Zalfie house drama after the pair had stayed quiet about any issues. In 2015, we saw the pair hit out at both fans and journalists who were revealing the home address of Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes on social media and later turning up at their house. Fans of the pair went crazy and hit back at people who thought it was acceptable to knock on their door all in the name of getting an autograph and selfie of their favourite YouTubers.

Zalfie Securiy

With all the press attention around their security issue and dedicated fans rallying against those who were turning up to the property, everything seemed to calm down and Zoe and Alfie went back to living a fairly normal life. But things have recently taken a drastic turn for the worse with Alfie revealing people are actually taking TOURS to come and visit the Zalfie pad!

In a series of tweets, Alfie lashed out: "People outside the house doing a tour of Brighton and one of the stops is legit our house... So not okay!" Alfie then went on to claim a girl was "sunbathing" on the pavement outside their home earlier today in the hope of getting an autograph.

The vlogging star then threatened to hire someone to "stand by the front door with a super soaker and soak anyone who waits outside the house!" - although we reckon that sounds quite fun!

As you'd expect, Alfie's fans have shown their support and dismay that a company would make money from breaching the security of both Zoe and Alfie.

Fellow YouTubers also shared their shock with the likes of Emma Blackery, Evan Edinger and Victoria from InTheFrow tweeting Alfie with advice:

Zoe herself is yet to tweet about the issue but she's no doubt been deeply affected by the latest invasion of her privacy which has, in the past, seem paparazzi hanging outside her home and following her in a car. Scary stuff!

We hope Alfie and Zoe can start to feel safe and comfortable in their own home soon and that fans, the media and companies eager to make a quick buck will realise that the couple are humans who don't deserve to feel threatened like this.

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