Zoella Just Celebrated The Best Birthday Weekend EVER

29 March 2016, 09:56 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

If you're following Zoe on Snapchat, then you know how jealous we feel RN.

It goes without saying that birthdays are the best day on the planet; you get presents, you see your friends and family, PLUS you get to eat as much cake as you want without feeling any judgement. However, Zoe Sugg just had the birthday of your dreams as her big day fell on an exciting Easter Weekend.

Firstly, following a turbulent week of "sexy selfies" and the UK press calling Zoella "raunchy" and "moving away from her wholesome image", we believe her favourite present this year was seeing her entire fanbase positively tweet out #WeStandWithZoe in support of her Snapchat and the uproar it caused. The trend was on the top of Twitter for hours and pulled in thousands of love and praise from fans and fellow YouTubers which, TBH, has to be the greatest feeling in the world - especially for your birthday.

After the amazing Twitter gift, Zoella celebrated Easter correctly by hosting a hilarious Easter egg hunt around her house featuring Alfie, Jim and Tanya as contestants. It was played out over Snapchat with the boys hiding their eggs on the top floor for the girls to find and vice versa - obviously Zanya won. But after an exciting Easter weekend, it was time for the big day...

... Zoe's 26th birthday! After being trapped in her room for an hour to keep her from seeing her surprises, Zoe was taken downstairs to see what Alfie, Poppy and her boyfriend Sean Elliot had been up to. They turned their entire house in a birthday wonderland featuring the best birthday cake you'll ever see, dozens of flowers, a stack of cream teas and a massive pile of presents. We're so jealous. You can see some of the highlights below.

The cream tea lunch in the world.


The birthday party of your dreams.


Single-handedly the greatest birthday cake ever!


And if that wasn't ENOUGH for one young lady to be happy about, Zoe was also just announced as the Sexiest Social Star thanks to the lingerie brand Victoria's Secret. The category was voted for by fans with Zoe going up against other popular YouTubers such as Bethany Mota and Ingrid Nilsen. Other big winners of the "What Is Sexy" competition were Jennifer Lopez (Forever Sexy), Kylie Jenner (Sexiest Style Risk Taker) and Demi Lovato (Sexiest Songstress), however other news sites have stated that Zoella won because of her "sexy" Snapchat picture, which we think is absolute rubbish - Zoella won because she deserved it and her fans voted.

Overall, we think Miss Sugg just celebrated a birthday she will 100% never forget. She sent out huge love to her fans for their continued love and support on her big day, proving once more why she's one of our favourite YouTubers of all time.