Zoella Was Mentioned On Coronation Street And The Internet Lost Its Sh*t

9 February 2017, 16:33 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

zoella on coronation street

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Team Internet are amazing!

Zoella + Coronation Street are not two things you'd instantly put together, are they? We mean, maybe we could picture Zoe snuggled up with Alfie under a blanket, watching the iconic British soap while having a pizza. But we never really imagined Zoe herself would actually be on it.

Let us explain. It's pretty fair to say that Zoe Sugg, AKA Zoella, is a full on household name in the UK and around the globe. With her beauty range and lifestyle collection in stores such as Boots and WHSmith, as well as her books and Sugg Life merch, Zoe is the Queen for people around the UK, and her face adorns magazine covers and newspapers like there's no tomorrow.

coronation street

There's no way to escape Zoe and even your nan knows who she is. So it's no wonder Coronation Street writers wanted to get in on the act.

Her moment comes when Bethany Platt (FYI, if you remember 13 year old Sarah Platt giving birth to Bethany then you are officially as old as we are) starts talking about how she's been uploading YouTube videos. She decalres: "I am going to be Weatherfield's answer to Zoella". Coronation Street just got wild.

Living. For It.

Obviously, Zoe's fans have gone mad and are celebrating yet another win for Team Internet.


This isn't the first time Zoe's been mentioned on TV, having recently been name-dropped on Gilmore Girls. And it seems the beauty icon isn't the only YouTube star getting the attention of TV writers - who can forget when Marcus Butler was mentioned on Family Guy, or Pewds on South Park? It just leaves us wondering who is next- Tanya Burr on Geordie Shore? Liza Koshy mentioned on The Jeremy Kyle Show? Or maybe someone will go on Mastermind and have Gabriella Lindley as their specialist subject? Only time will tell...