Here's Why Twitter Thinks Zoella DIED!

21 April 2016, 10:32 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Everything you need to know...

Reports that Zoella has died went into overdrive on social media recently. The British YouTube sensation, who has over 10 million subscribers, has faced a lot of criticism and backlash over the years but we never thought we'd be reporting on this.

Whilst it's claimed that you're never a true celebrity until you've had a fake death trend on Twitter, the most recent rumours are certainly a step too far. Tweets and Instagram messages came flooding into our timelines with reports that Zoella died in an apparent car crash. Fans were quick to express their sadness at the loss of their idol. Of course, the rumours were completely untrue but we don't blame people for panicking- we'd be worried too!


Zoe has yet to address the rumours but we can confirm she's alive and well, having sent a tweet to brother Joe Sugg hours after her "death" and updated her Twitter account this morning to say she has an exciting meeting today. Unless she was hacked, we're 100% sure the death is just a horrible rumour.

At the time of writing, we're unsure of where the first social media post sparking the "zoella died" frenzy has come from but we're sure you'll all join us in saying that it's totally unfair and utterly disgusting. Whether it came from a fan just wanting attention or a hater being vile, we need to call out these horrible incidents and stop the emotional upset that these rumours cause to thousands of YouTube fans. zoella died On a brighter note, things are looking especially positive for Zoe after recently revealing she has several secret projects going on. As well as her beauty empire and books, it seems Zoe has a whole lot more planned and rumours about a movie, homewear range and more Zoella Beauty are ones we like to hear! So rest your heads, Zoella fans and don't believe everything you read!