Zoella's Earnings Have Had Mainstream Media OUTRAGED

15 March 2016, 17:02 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The press have revealed Zoe's salary and it's caused a LOT of drama.

Missed the news that Zoella has had her earrnings leaked? Click play for a quick catch-up.

Who Cares How Much Money Zoella Earns Per Month?!The media's up in arms about Zoella's apparent monthly earnings - but do you care? Let us know your thoughts!

How would you feel if your monthly salary was revealed to the entire world? All your years of hard work slated and press across the globe voicing their views that you earn far too much? This is exactly what Zoe Sugg is facing since a newspaper reported on her apparent earnings this week.

Taking pleasure in bringing Zoe down yet again, revealing her salary and mocking the role of YouTube creator has had the press filling their pages quicker than ever before.

We've discussed previously about the way mainstream media have spoke about YouTubers' earnings. But we have to admit we've never seen the press go for a creator quite like this before.

zoella earnings


From the media reporting on the story to angry folk on social media, people seemed absolutely outraged that a 20-something woman could become a successful entrepreneur and earn own her own money in 2016.

Isn't this what we've worked for for years? Or are the media reporting on Zoe's earrings because she's a female beauty guru? It's reported that PewDiePie earns in the millions every year but we've yet to see front pages and websites go for him in the way they have Zoe Sugg.

When it comes to other professions, some of the world's top footballers earn millions PER MONTH. TV and film stars do the same. Is being an Internet star really that different?

Some publications even went as far as calling Zoella's monthly earnings "sickening"

Zoe Sugg earnings


Zoe has been working on her brand for nearly a decade via blogging, YouTube and later book deals, beauty ranges and a whole host of other sponsorships. Honestly, we praise her success.

But what do you think? Do you think Zoe deserves her earnings? Or do you think it's out of order? Let us know your comments below.