Zoella Just Became The First Female UK YouTuber To Get A Diamond Play Button

18 July 2016, 09:32 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:43

zoella diamond play button

By Charleyy Hodson

We could not be any prouder right now!

After years of service and hundreds of videos, Zoella has finally been granted one of the highest YouTube awards currently available... the first female diamond play button in the UK! With her 10 million strong army of subscribers and a YouTube career that's so prosperous it's impossible to imagine it slowing down, we're sending all our love to Zoe on this amazing achievement.

Zoe announced her news on Instagram with a gorgeous photograph of herself holding the diamond play button. Fans went crazy for the update, leaving positive comments such as "Congratulations!! U deserve it for all the hard effort u put into these videos, we all love u very much xx thank you xx", but then we all got to see the button up close when she uploaded a daily vlog onto her MoreZoella channel.

In the vlog, we see Zoella in her meeting room surrounded by the likes of Gleam and Dom Smales as she's handed the button in it's official casing. Not only does she unbox the diamond play button which, in her words, is "reaaaaally heavy", but she also receives a plaque for getting 100,000 subscribers - a milestone she first hit over four years ago!

Zoe then takes a moment to talk to her fans and point out that she is "the only female creator in the UK" with a diamond play button, but also that "the only other person who has one is Adele, so there you go". What an honour! With both of her new awards, hardcore Zoe fans have been able to see the true YouTube journey she has been on since 2007 and we could not be happier here at Unicorns HQ to see such an inspirational YouTuber get what she deserves - keep up the amazing work Zoe!


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