Zoella Has Just Been HACKED - Here's Everything You Need To Know

3 June 2016, 09:45 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

She's the most recent YouTuber in a long line of hackings

Zoella's Twitter account has officially been hacked. What started as a regular morning for us (and no doubt Zoe) has seen us gripped to the YouTube star's Twitter feed waiting for further tweets from the group who have managed to get into her account. At the time of writing, Zoe herself has yet to speak on any social media platform about the hacking but boyfriend Alfie Deyes has apparently DM'd the hackers in a now deleted tweet.

The first we knew of anything out of the ordinary was when a tweet appeared from an account called @NulledPhant0m who claimed to have got into Zoe's account. The hacker claimed they only wanted to "check Zoe's security" and promised they wouldn't do anything malicious like share her DM's or any private information.

We managed to screen-grab the tweet from the hacker before they were deleted.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 09.11.25

As you can see, fans rushed to Zoe's defense and wondered what we were all thinking- what on earth was going on?!




Luckily, Zoe quickly managed to grab her account back and tweeted fans to reassure them that all was OK.

This obviously isn't the first time a YouTuber has been hacked with Markiplier recently facing a similar situation at the hands of OurMine back in January and Tanya Burr having her Instagram hacked into in a stressful episode in September 2015. In Tanya's case, the hackers went through and deleted hundreds of her photos. In response, Tanya called them "absolute f*ckers".

Zoe was also subject to a stressful period last year when Caspar Lee's phone number was leaked and the hackers behind threatened the incident also claimed to have naked photos of Zoella that she sent to boyfriend Alfie Deyes. Of course, none of this materialised.

We're so pleased Zoe now has her account back and nothing too stressful took place. It does make us wonder... Surely Zoe knows better to have a password that you can easily guess? If you haven't already, we strongly urge readers to make sure your privacy settings are optimised and up to date as soon as possible! If you want to know what else YouTubers have been up to over the last seven days, check out our weekly installments of SLAY or NAY to stay informed!