Why It's OK That Zoella Hasn't Responded To THAT VelvetGh0st Video

31 July 2015, 15:18 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Earlier this week a video dropped which caused rifts, drama and conversation across the vlogging world. Entitled 'Honesty', YouTuber Gabriella Lindley published a 28 minute long video addressing issues she's had in the past, Internet trolls and how she plans to turn a corner when it comes to dealing with criticism online.

But what people really seemed to pick up on was the few minutes Gabby spent chatting about her friendships with both Zoella and Alfie Deyes. The Internet went into overdrive and even the BBC picked up on the fact Gabby clarified that she did indeed have a major falling out with Zoe and they're no longer friends. People speculated about whether Gabby was telling the truth, whether her tears were real and whether their crazy theories about the friendship were right. Gabby even had to address the rumours that Zoe was being paid to hang out with her. Like, WTF?

And despite all this, the entire world seems to be waiting for Zoella to speak out about it. And that's not cool.

Here's why it's a good thing that Zoe hasn't spoke out about VelvetGh0st's 'Honesty' video.

'Honesty' is about holding back...

Here's the deal, we get the impression that Gabby addressed the fallout she had with Alfie and what happened between her and Zoe because she HAD to. People can be aggressive and Gabby claims people bombarded her with comments on her Instagram and Twitter about her friendships... Even if the photo was of a packet of crisps! In the video, Gabby freely admits she spoke way too much about her personal life and her issues online and now that's kinda coming back to haunt her. A private life is needed and, with YouTube, it's so easy to put everything out there without much thought.

So when you think about it, Zoe not responding publicly in anyway (yet) is exactly what Gabby wants and needs. And it goes without saying that Zoe will have watched the video and no doubt felt in emotional in some way or another. But just because she hasn't sent out a tweet claiming her and Gabby are BFFs again doesn't mean it's not happening behind closed doors. Right where it should be.

Stop looking for the cryptic clues...

We're all guilty of looking at a tweet and trying to find some hiding meaning in it. If Tanya Burr tweets that she's feeling a bit ill, suddenly everyone thinks she's pregnant. It's natural. We like to create drama in our heads. But trying to turn the tiniest thing into a major deal is only going to cause Gabby and Zoe even further apart. No-one is throwing shade and Zoella didn't announce her new book title just to overshadow Gabby's video. FYI.

They're probably feeling all the feels...

When you have beef with your girlfriends, it sucks. Friendship drama means tissues, mascara running down the fact and a little bit of attitude. It's bad enough when you're getting 14 Whatsapp messages asking WTF is going on, let alone THOUSANDS of fans constantly contacting you and even trolling you over it. We can't imagine what Zoe feels right now- she could be emotional, angry, happy that Gabby has spoken about it... She's no doubt feeling a huge mix of these and until she gets her mind straight on the issue, it's best she doesn't say anything at all. So Zoe isn't be ignorant or ignoring Gabby's heartfelt video at all, she's just dealing with her emotions and figuring out how she feels. Just because she's a global YouTube success story who puts her life online doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve time. it's a great healer, apparently.

So basically...

We REALLY hope Zoe and Gabby make up and become friends again but we hope they do it in private because if Gabby is going to prove she's learnt anything from her past mistakes, this is the perfect opportunity to do it.