Is This The First Look At Zoella's Homeware Range?

22 April 2016, 10:40 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Time to get excited!

A Zoella homeware range has been rumoured for a while on social media and we reckon we might be getting closer to the big reveal. Zoe has been incredibly secretive with us for months over her brand new project and, like all YouTubers, has been teasing the big announcement for an actual eternity. Zoe has mentioned in nearly every vlog for the past few months that she's having secret meetings and they seem to be more frequent because she just can't stop talking about them and teasing them on Twitter and Snapchat!

Zoe is no stranger to hard work having already built a publishing and beauty empire alongside her 10 million subscribers on YouTube. We recently debated as to what Zoe's big plans for 2016 could be and we reckon there are a few fingers in a few pots, so to speak.

We've been hearing rumours on social media about a Girl Online movie or TV series, there's also no doubt that Zoe will release another Zoella Beauty range (our hopes are pinned on a Pumpkin Spice scent) and we think another book is inevitable.

zoella homewear

But there's more. Alongside a photoshoot by the sea and lots of hints and clues, we think a Zoe Sugg homeware range has to be in the pipeline.

Zoe is very vocal about how much she loves decorating her home, getting snuggly with a bunch of candles and going crazy in the likes of HomeSense and Anthrapologie. And if you didn't know, Zoe was an interior design apprentice before she shot to YouTube fame so a homewear range would suit her down to a tee.

Zoe recently shared some secret snaps on her Snapchat (username = officialzoella) and we'll be surprised if it's not a look at an up-coming product range...

zoella homewear

zoella homewear


See what we mean? Zoe later shared a snap of some celebratory cocktails after the meeting- does this mean everything is finished and just waiting to be announced? We certainly hope so! As usual, we'll keep you up to date with all the latest Zoella news right here on We The Unicorns.