Zoella Just Revealed The Secret To Her STUNNING Instagram Feed And It Will Change Your Life

6 October 2017, 10:10 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Zoella stunning

By Josh Lee

Have you ever wondered why Zoella's Instagram feed looks like a coherent, beautiful work of social media art while yours looks like confused trash? Well wonder no more, as Zoella has just revealed the secret to her Instagram success.

After seeing YouTuber Evan Edinger admiring her Instagram account on Twitter, Zoella decided to reveal her strategy for the perfect feed. And it's actually pretty simple! "Pick a filter that you like, copy and paste on every image and try to include a certain colour in each photo," she explained. Zoella's colour of choice right now is orange, given that it's Autumn.

She also revealed that she uses an app called VSCO for her image editing. So there you have it.

Zoella's Instagram advice literally has the YouTube community shook

Dodie called the tip "the most helpful advice ever," while Hannah Witton said that having a beautiful Instagram theme "has suddenly become something attainable in my life," thanks to the advice.


We look forward to seeing all your Instagram feeds turning orange thanks to Zoella

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