Zoella Called David Gilmour A #RandomMan Because Of The Generation Gap

10 February 2016, 12:49 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

The past is coming back to haunt Zoe Sugg.

In a world populated with over 7.4 billion people, there seems to be nothing more exciting in the world than when famous people collide. In the past we've written about all the amazing times YouTubers have hung out with popstars, but when Zoella accidently took a photo of rockstar David Gilmour and called him a #RandomMan, the Internet freaked out.

The Instagram post, which we're baffled to report was actually published back in 2014, has gone viral people after have been drawn attention to the fact that a #RandomMan isn't quite a random as she thought. Zoe's secret beach snapping actually caught on camera a rare moment between Pink Floyd's legendary guitarist David Gilmour and his dog on Brighton beach. The mind boggles at how this random situation came to be.

David Gilmour

We literally cannot get over the coincidence of both YouTube sensations and rock legends being on the same beach at the same time, let alone the fact that one took a picture of the other without any knowledge whatsoever about who they were. But, instead of focusing on the hilarity of the situation, the mainstream media and Zoe's Instagram comments have been dominated by people calling Zoella an 'idiot' for not recognising David Gilmour sooner.

Judging that only two of Pink Floyd's 15 studio albums have been released since Zoe Sugg has been on the planet, we have to ask ourselves whether she's really to blame for the oversight. Whilst it's certainly funny to know that Zoella took a photo of one of the most famous men in music history, she is 100% not to blame for not recognising every musician and their dog to have ever lived.

David Gilmour

Thankfully some people on social media have also been aggravated by people calling Zoe ignorant, but unfortunately the mainstream press continue to belittle her for a mistake she made nearly two years ago. If things were the other way round, would David Gilmour be called a fool for not recognising a celebrity for a generation entirely separate from his own? We think not.

David Gilmour