Zoella And Joe Sugg Just Announced The Best Merch Collab EVER

9 December 2016, 15:04 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

zoella and joe sugg merch

By Ella Wells

You ready to get broke?!

After multiple teasers on Twitter about this HUGE announcement, we can finally say that today (Friday 8th December, if you'd like to remember this forever) is the day that Zoe and Joe Sugg finally kickstarted their own merch line together - called the SuggLifeShop! By the way, you will not BELIEVE what they're selling on there...

The secret project had been rumoured for the brother-sister duo since Joe visited his sibling at the Zalfie Pad back in May earlier this year. Since that very secretive visit, both of the Sugg siblings had been giving us sneaky hints on social media leaving their fans guessing as to what this huge under-wraps project could be. Many people guessed that a new merch line was coming, but we never expected this!


On the site, you can now get your hands on all sorts of Sugg goodies; such as the Rewind calendar, a variety of t-shirts and jumpers, phone cases, stickers and even a poster! It's all 100% affordable as well, so make sure you tell Santa what you want this Christmas!


We guessed everything from an album to a clothing line, but as we all now know, the big announcement is a 2017 calendar made up of 12 photos all recreated from their old baby pictures. Everything from the outfits they wore to the scenery they were in have been made especially for the project and the YouTuber siblings even let us watch the behind the scenes footage of the two-day calendar shoot in their vlogs last month.

So, if you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift, or you want to put it on your wish-list yourself, you can now get all of the awesome Sugg merch from Ł6.99 to Ł19.99. But don't take our word about how iconic the SuggLifeShop is going to be, people have been freaking out social media about their exciting new collab all day!