Zoella Revealed As Star Of Brand New Star Of Fairytale Photoshoot

14 September 2016, 11:15 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

zoella star of fantasy shoot

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Just like magic...

Zoella rarely does any big photoshoots. Unlike Tanya Burr who has graced the cover of Glamour magazine and Troye Sivan who is a regular in publications across the globe, Zoe tends to shy away from the limelight a little more. So when we found out that Zoe was going to be the star of a beautiful new photoshoot by the incredible Linda Blacker, we couldn't hide our excitement.

In case you don't know, Linda is an incredible photographer who has shot some of our favourite YouTubers as part of an amazing fairytale series. Linda's whimsical yet dramatic shots are highly stylised works of absolute art. In the past, YouTubers including Dodie Clark, Hazel Hayes, Lucy and Lydia and Louise Pentland have taken to modelling for Linda with breathtaking results, as you can see for yourselves.

See what we mean? Linda teased her announcement of which social media star she'd be featuring with many fans guessing correctly that Zoella would be the one in front of the camera. Linda has since shared this stunning image of the outfit worn by Zoe in the shoot and it's made us even more excited to see the results.


It won't be the first time Linda has photographed Zoe, having shot her as part of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign alongside fellow YouTubers including Niki and Sammy, Dan and Phil and Pixiwoo. The campaign will be taking place throughout the month of September as various social media stars try and raise money for the charity - so far we've already seen Joe and Caspar try to be silent for three hours straight!

We'll share the final results of the fairytale photoshoot with you as soon as they're live- we can't wait to see what Zoe and Linda have conjured up together! Let us know in the comments who you think she will be dressed up as.