Zoella Hits Back At Haters Accusing Her Of 'Cheating'... With Mark Ferris?

30 November 2016, 16:40 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

zoella cheating on alfie with mark ferris

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Zoe's comment just KILLED it!

Jetting away on a break with friends should be the most exciting time but sadly for Zoe Sugg, it's turned into a bit of a drama. Sharing snaps of her break on social media, Zoe was seemingly enjoying her time away with boyfriend Alfie Deyes and friends Mark Ferris, Poppy Deyes and Sean Elliot O'Connor. However, some people apparently still cannot except that Zoe and Mark are just friends and despite the fact they've both pointed this out multiple times haters are accusing her of 'cheating' on Alfie.

The latest drama was caused when Zoe uploaded a picture of herself, Alfie and Mark on a flight to Edinburgh. Rather than celebrate the fact Zoe was actually able to get on a flight- something she's openly found troublesome due to her anxiety disorder- people "called her out" for sitting next to best friend Mark Ferris and not boyfriend Alfie.


One Instagram user wrote: "I think Zoe is cheating Alfie with Mark" and added a broken heart emoji.

Another user also added: "How the f*ck do you let someone else sit next to your girlfriend?" Sadly, these were just two of many negative comments made towards the seating arrangement.


Fed up of the rumours that she's cheating on Alfie and that she's in a relationship with Mark, Zoe released this statement in her Insta comments.

Zoella Mark Ferris relationship


Slay Zoe! Because as far as we knew, people can both be friends with one male and in a relationship with another. Zoe isn't Alfie's property- she's free to sit next to whoever she wants. And apparently that's hard for some people to grasp.

After Zoe's comment, she was inundated with positive and loving messages from fans who wanted to support her. Anna Saccone Joly even sent her public support to Zoe.

zoella mark ferris relationship

zoella mark ferris relationship

zoella mark ferris relationship


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