Zoella Has Just Been Mentioned On Another TV Show And The Internet Is SHOOK

17 February 2017, 14:57 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

zoella mentioned on doctors

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Too much!

What is it with Zoella and British soaps? As if it wasn't enough that the YouTube star had recently been named dropped on Coronation Street; but she's now had her name mentioned on yet another iconic British soap. The writer's at BBC1's soap opera "Doctors" clearly love spending their downtime watching YouTube, because they've managed to include her in a script.

british soap

In a scene featuring character Adam, he's telling his foster dad that he wants to pursue a career in drama; and that there are so many opportunities online.

"Just look at Zoella" he says. As you can imagine, his dad's response is "who?!"

Thanks to Twitter user Anya Moses, you can see the hilarious clip here:


As you can imagine, Twitter users have frantically been tweeting Zoe to tell her of her latest TV mention:


And this isn't the first time the British soap has mentioned Zoe.

Back in September 2016, the writers also took a liking to her:

To date, Zoella has been mentioned on a ton on TV shows; including "Gilmore Girls", "Coronation Street", "Tipping Point", "Neighbours" and even "The Chase". She's everywhere!

What's next: will a student in "Hollyoaks" say his crush is Zoella? Maybe they'll be playing her makeup tutorials on the TV in the Old Vic in "Eastenders"? Or perhaps  we'll see Zoe mentioned on "Jeremy Kyle"? Who knows!

Of course, Zoe is no stranger to appearing on TV, and took part in the celebrity version of the "Great British Bake Off" where she made her iconic Brighton seaside "creation". Since then, she hasn't appeared on TV very much, but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

We think Zoe would make an amazing presenter for a home makeover show (she has great taste, after all); or perhaps she could take on another charity project and work on Comic Relief to do a gorgeous vocal performance? Here's hoping!