Zoella Fights Back Against The Press Trying To SLUT-SHAME Her

23 March 2016, 12:27 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We honestly can't believe this is happening.

It seems like Zoella can't do anything right recently, with her book and her earnings sending the mainstream press outlets into absolute uproar. But apparently, when they're not slamming Zoe for her incredibly successful career, they're trolling her Snapchat and labelling her as "saucy" for posting a selfie... in her PJ's.

We wish we were making this up. Here's a collection of headlines for you to read and roll your eyes over; Digital Spy - "Zoella Strips Down To Her Calvins For A Very Saucy Bedtime Picture", Mirror - "Zoella Swaps Sweet For Saucy As She Poses For Selfie In Her Knickers", and finally "Zoella Posts A VERY Revealing Selfie Of Herself In Bed Wearing Just Her Underwear" in the Daily Mail. Apparently, according to these news sources and multiple others (e.g. The Sun and Heat World), a long sleeve white t-shirt, Calvin Klein boxer briefs and zero makeup are now classified as scandalous. We think it's actually the polar opposite.


The selfie was first and foremost absolutely beautiful. Having stripped off her makeup and pulled back her hair, Zoella looked relaxed and totally confident with her body. Secondly, you can hardly jump to the idea that Zoe is trying to "slowly move away from her wholesome image" by trying to post a "scantily-clad" and "braless" picture to tantalise her fans. All we can interpret from the sudden press coverage of Zoella in her underwear is how appallingly eager mainstream media are to slut-shame and objectify women posting happy and care-free selfies to their fans - just look at what they did to Kim Kardashian last week.

Thankfully, Zoella has responded to all this drama both on Twitter and Snapchat. In a very poetic and NEED TO READ tweet, she calls out the Daily Mail UK with the following; "Bloody morons. Writing about my PJ's when there are SERIOUS things happening all over the world. SMH". Preach it Zoe! Next she hopped over to Snapchat to express how funny she finds the whole situation by asking if they will freak out about the pom-poms on her jumper; "Breaking news guys: Zoella wears pom-pom jumper and the pom-poms look like nipples... What will her viewers think?!". 


We're really happy Zoe is standing up for herself as her appearance and body are posted and scrutinised across the entire Internet, but surely there are more people out there who feel the same way as us? Please, show your support for Zoella in the comments below if you feel her selfie was absolutely perfect the way it was. We'd love to hear from you!