Zoella Takes To Twitter To Call Out Negative Press

31 May 2016, 14:03 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Here's why the star has to be strong in the face of negativity.

Zoe Sugg is one tough cookie. Indeed, she made the claim herself this weekend as she spoke out against a growing sense of negativity online. Britain's most known YouTube star has faced a pretty tough time recently with the press slamming her for a seriously innocent shot of her in Calvin Klein pants and later faced pain when it was revealed a peadophile pretending to be Zoe in order to gain access to her young fans and groom them.

Despite all this, Zoe has stayed strong and positive with the support of her boyfriend Alfie Deyes and a whole host of family and friends. But obviously it gets too much...

In a series of tweets, Zoe addressed growing negativitiy online and shared a Taylor Swift lyric which summed up her feelings exactly.

However, things didn't stop there. The gorgeous Sprinkle of Glitter, AKA Louise Pentland, also took to social media to address negative press Zoe has been facing of late and send out her love to her "bestest chummy". Louise wrote: "I'm trying REALLY hard to hold a dignified silence on the way SOME press draf @Zoella into eevverything :( for press <3 for Zoe".

Whilst Louise didn't address the exact issue or news outlet, we felt all the feels and grew even more frustrated that traditional press seemingly don't know how to handle the rise of the YouTube star nor the fact that they're not responsible for everything in the world.

Zoella gif

In response to this, Zoe tweeted about how much she's grown and how much of a tough cookie she's had to become over the last couple of years:

As you can imagine, fellow YouTuber rallied round the beauty vlogging to show their support and everyone from Tyler Oakley to Melanie Murphy expressed their love. As long time fans of We The Unicorns will know, we're fierce in championing creators and are happy to call out negativity within the media towards digital stars when we see it- as a result, we've opened up endless debates about why YouTubers aren't to blame for the downfall of society. Sadly, as Zoe's tweets show, a lot of outlets have failed to get that message.

We're proud of you Zoe- you're the toughest cookie out there!

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