Zoella Sleeping Beauty Photoshoot: More Images Revealed

19 September 2016, 12:08 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:44

zoella sleeping beauty

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

All of the beautiful!

It was recently revealed that Zoella would be turning into a model at the hands of superstar photographer Linda Blacker. Taking her place in front of the camera, Zoe is the latest creator taking part in Linda Blacker's iconic fairytale series where we can see the Internet's favourite YouTuber turned from vlogger into a stunning homage to Sleeping Beauty... and Linda and her incredible team certainly didn't disappoint.

With people guessing that Zoe's shoot would be everything from Snow White to Cinderella-themed, it was finally announced that Zoe would be turning to Sleeping Beauty - and what a beauty she turned out to be! When the first image was revealed, we were literally lost for words as we saw Zoe in the most sensational gold dress we had ever seen. You can see the results below:

Zoella Sleeping Beauty

Linda Blacker is famed for her enchanting fairytale photo stories and has recently had fellow YouTubers Louise Pentland, Hazel Hayes and Carrie Hope Fletcher acting as models but it's possible that the new Zoe shoot might be our favourite so far. Thankfully, the shoot isn't all centered around one image, as both Zoe and Linda have shared further pictures from the behind the scenes on the shoot.

Carrying on with the fairytale theme, Linda shared a second photograph from the series that sees Zoe wearing a crown, surrounded by butterflies and wearing that same gorgeous gold dress again. The photoshoot took place in the Brighton Pavillion Museum and provides the perfect backdrop to the story that accompanies every shoot she does.


Zoella as Sleeping Beauty Part TWO - The Lost Princess Thank you to the beautiful @Zoella for starring in my latest Youtuber Fairytale! Such a pleasure to work with you again! I truly hope you all love this second image! Photography, Post Production, Styling & Story by @Lindablacker. If you would like to see more of my work and the rest of this series, please follow me. :) You can read the story below that accompanies this photo series! Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist @Ashleighmua Location The Royal Pavillion @brighton_museums Dress designed and made by @Joflemingdesign The Story (A Recreation of Sleeping beauty) To read Part One please scroll down my feed to the first upload of this series. Part Two The Princess felt nothing but a cold darkness pressing down upon her. She drifted in and out of reality and subconscious, never waking from the sleep-like-death. Was it minutes or hours that had passed? Days or years? Loneliness consumed her heart, the echoes of forgotten dreams her only friend. With darkness close to claiming her soul, the princess knew only despair. Her only hope was that her good fairy friends would free her from this evil curse. Just before she fell into this deep sleep, the Princess had cast a spell. She was one of few Royals born with the gift of magic. Her parents had known this from a young age, but wished to stifle it’s growth through fear it would only draw the Evil fairy’s curse closer. But the little Princess’ light could not be dulled so easily, for every day, for as long as she could remember, she would wonder to her favourite woodlands and play with the Good Fairy’s. They taught her to harness her magic and develop her magical abilities out of sight of watchful eyes. But that world seemed like a lifetime ago. Had her spell worked? Did the Good fairies know of her fate? Just as she began to lose her grip on reality, a wave of warmth washed over her and sweet voices whispered gently within her mind. ‘Princess, within your heart you have the light to bring yourself out of this darkness. Although we can guide you, only you can save yourself from this curse.’ Story continues in the comments below! Part Three Thursday! ?

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Zoe also shared this stunning image from behind the scenes as well, and we can't get over how talented a makeup artist Ashleigh Bunce is!

Zoella sleeping beauty


What do you think of the Sleeping Beauty photoshoot? And who would you like to see modelling for Linda next?