Zoella Just Got Some WEIRD Messages On Tinder

24 October 2016, 11:01 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

zoella tinder

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Some of these are seriously creepy!

Before you panic, we can inform you that Zoella and Alfie Deyes have not split up... But Zoe is on Tinder. All in the name of a video with brother Joe Sugg, Zoe allowed Joe to create a profile of her on Tinder, swipe right on basically everyone and allow the floodgates of cheesy chat up lines and NSFW messages to open.

Now, if you're not familar with Tinder let us inform you. Tinder is a dating app where one can upload a profile, add photos, a few pictures and basically allow the world to judge you mostly just based on your looks. With Tinder you can set age, sex and distance limits and you swipe right if you like the look of someone or swipe left it not. If both people swipe right, you have a match and you can message each other and go from there.

Zoella Tinder

Obviously because Zoe is very much in love with a certain Mr Alfie Deyes, she has little requirement for a dating app but brother Joe did say he was intrigued to see "what the competition was like", openly admitting he was on Tinder himself (if, like us, you're over 18 then prepare to spend hours on the app looking for Mr Sugg and dreaming about matching with him)

Armed with a phone and some gorgeous photos, Joe got to work swiping and later revealed the messages to Zoe. Whilst some were charming, sweet and quite funny (we would have replied, put it that way), others were more than scary.

Amongst the messages were the guy who messaged Zoe and said "I usually don't suck toes but I'd make an exception for you". BRB, we're about to throw up.

zoella tinder

It also seems as if a few people recognised Zoe, with one guy suggesting she "streams on Twitch" and another sending a messaging saying "Are you real or a virus waiting to happen?".

To see the full video- which may or may not put you off dating for life- click play below.