Zoella Is STILL The Top YouTube Author After 18 Months

4 May 2016, 10:04 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Zoe is STILL smashing records with her debut novel.

It may have been over 18 months since Zoella smashed sales records with her unfathomably popular debut novel, Girl Online, but she's still making huge waves in 2016 against her competitors - fellow YouTube creators. Regardless of what books or comics other YouTubers are putting into the mix, Zoella has remained the highest selling digital author since Girl Online was released back in November 2014.

Combined, both Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour have sold a whopping 845,882 copies and has made Zoe a tidy profit of an estimated Ł5.6 million. In a list recently published by The Bookseller, the 26-year-old beauty vlogger was dubbed "top of the bloggers" when it comes to being a book author as no other UK 'Tuber has been able to recreate the success of her debut fiction smash.


With Nielsen BookScan estimating the UK YouTuber Book Market to be worth over Ł13 million, this means that Zoella is potentially responsible for nearly half the book sales when it comes to YouTube authors. But lets not forget that Zoe isn't just dominating digital creators, as her novel broke sales records in it's first week by outselling both Harry Potter AND Fifty Shades Of Grey by an undeniably large margin of 78,109 copies - oh, and for comparison, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight only sold 53 copies in it's first week. Yah.

Shannon Cullen, the publisher at Penguin behind Zoella's novel, puts its crazy success down to the fact it's getting teenagers to read again; "if they can be encouraged to get into the reading habit, it will definitely trickle down". With no rumours yet circulating as to whether Zoe plans to follow up on her new career path as one of the world's most successful authors, we can only speculate as to what Girl Online 3 might be about - Love? Heartache? Another tour?! Only time will tell - but let us know your thoughts in the comments below!